Thursday, October 30, 2008


Welcome to the blog for the self-study LwC introduction to Second Life. This blog will be the place to record impressions, make comments and ask and answer questions. I suggesst that technical questions about using this blog and the wiki be sent to the Yahoogroups. So:

Wiki for distribution of content and assignments

Yahoogroups, largely for help when something technical is causing problems

Blog for recording impressions, making comments, asking content-based questions and getting comments and answers from fellow participants as well as me.


Tales From Around The World said...

Thank you so much, Dennis, for leading this SL exploration for newbies! I look forward to getting my toes wet and maybe even plunging in!

Mary Jane said...

I'm looking forward to learning more about SL. Thanks for creating your tutorial, Dennis.
Mary Jane

Maryanne said...

Hi Dennis,
Is there a way for us to post on this blog or just to add impressions through comments? I've made my first trip to Nacy Blake's Pub and would like to share my thoughts.

Dennis said...

Welcome Holly, and welcome Mary Jane.
Soon we'll be sitting somewhere nice together in SL.

Maryanne, you could post as a comment, as you did post your comment, or I can make you an author and you can have access to the main
writing facility... I need your email. Let me see if that is here.
I'll get back to you at once. Must pop to Yahoo.