Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nahiram`s 2nd visit to SL

Last Friday (Dec,5) I went again to SL for a few hours. This was a great experience.

When I logged in, my body was grey so I decided to wear new clothes. After changing colors, choosing models, etc; I saw myself wearing the previous clothes. OMG! I have to learn that.

This time I could find places by using SLurls and I visited "English Language Lab". I flew and ran around the different parts there, there were very few people. I guess because of the hour, I only met WhisperZ, nice lady, who helped me to create a landmark there. I liked it, have to go back there.

Having been around for a while, I set off to look for the ISTE workshop, but I didn't find the SLurl (They are really useful, I learnt) I can swear it was in an email from our YG. As I couldn't find it, I decided to look for Osnacantab and got to his nice place.

I got inside his house, saw his pictures, went upstairs - I could't sit in his terrace chairs, but I did on his roof.
Flying around Osnacantab's neighbours, I saw my country's flag !!! I took a pic, but it's too dark. Next time I go there, I'll take another with more light as Dennis told me how to do it.

Checking some links in our wiki I found a link to "The Sistine Chapel", and decided to go there to compare. This is what I saw...

Well, as you can see I didn't get to catch what really matters in this place :-)