Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nahiram`s 2nd visit to SL

Last Friday (Dec,5) I went again to SL for a few hours. This was a great experience.

When I logged in, my body was grey so I decided to wear new clothes. After changing colors, choosing models, etc; I saw myself wearing the previous clothes. OMG! I have to learn that.

This time I could find places by using SLurls and I visited "English Language Lab". I flew and ran around the different parts there, there were very few people. I guess because of the hour, I only met WhisperZ, nice lady, who helped me to create a landmark there. I liked it, have to go back there.

Having been around for a while, I set off to look for the ISTE workshop, but I didn't find the SLurl (They are really useful, I learnt) I can swear it was in an email from our YG. As I couldn't find it, I decided to look for Osnacantab and got to his nice place.

I got inside his house, saw his pictures, went upstairs - I could't sit in his terrace chairs, but I did on his roof.
Flying around Osnacantab's neighbours, I saw my country's flag !!! I took a pic, but it's too dark. Next time I go there, I'll take another with more light as Dennis told me how to do it.

Checking some links in our wiki I found a link to "The Sistine Chapel", and decided to go there to compare. This is what I saw...

Well, as you can see I didn't get to catch what really matters in this place :-)


Dennis said...


Again - lovely, Pure gold, I think, this straightforward recording of

Changing clothes. Mmm I get the impression that system is problematic sometimes. Jus keep trying, and on different days.

So glad you learned about landmarks. They are most useful,

Dennis said...


Reading your blog again, interested to note you got into LanguageLab. They used to have a sort of permit system, perhaps that is no longer in operation. LaanguageLab is said zo have the second largest site on SL after IBM.

Surprised my furniture would not let you sit on it. I apologise on its behalf. :-)

Did you sign the guest book?

Semi-technical note

At the moment I can't get photos sent from SL to land on my hard drive. I don't know where they go. Postcards are fun to send, but are HTML files, not jpeg ,and of inferior quality, I find. For this blog I've been forced to make screen shots (with Jing) of HTML (postcard) pictures. The results are only just OK..

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

Dennis said...


Me again. Feel free to make your photos bigger so that we can see what is going on in them more easily.