Friday, December 5, 2008

Bits and pieces

Early hours

The early hours of this morning were rather frustrating. I was the only person at the ISTE meeting. The most likely reason is that I got the time wrong. Chris, alias Tigran Tipon, has just [ last night] written in an email to the Yahoo list he worked out the meeting is on Sunday.........Ummm... now, Saturday morning, 08:00 UK time, he just wrote per IM inworld that he thought the meeting was today,right now, but he was the only person at the Slurl.


Well, I must say that the site is particularly rural and beautiful.


SLexperiments meets again

Last night we had our regular meeting of SLexperiments. We met here, a property that belongs to EduNation, Gavin Dudeney and his partner. If anyone would like to come to a meeting and join we'd be delighted.



Let me let you into a secret. I'm having great problems sending images at the moment. First, I can't save to my hard drive from Second Life. I don't know why. Secondly, postcards from SL are HTML format and not jpeg. Thirdly, the program I found to convert HTML to jpeg does not convert. Fourthly, when I do any downloading I get a blank window and cannot see what I should be seeing and responding to.


Sneak view

Finally, a sneak view of posters of the EVO 6-week workshops coming up in January.


Christo said...

Hi Dennis,

I confused my days and turned up on Saturday instead of Sunday - will try again tomorrow, 8am, GMT - I'm sure this is the time, but if others know differently, please say!

Also Dennis, I'm unable to post new entries to this blog, could you help out please.

Chris aka: Tigran Tiponi / Christo / du773

Dennis said...


You applied for the status of '_author/writer' and that should allow you to write new posts.

I generated the messager, as soon as you answer it, you should be in. Look forward to your scintillating posting dotted with superb photos. :-)