Friday, December 5, 2008

Nahiram's 1st experience in SL

A year ago I tried several times to use it, managed to choose a name for my avatar but never got an emal confirming anything.
This time it was different, I got that email really fast and went to SL. that was on Sat, Dec 29th.
Nice and strange experience to see or feel one is coming to life, I didn't understand that cloud I was looking at, then a strange bold character appeared in my screen. I got a little nervous since I had heard some stories of people hitting you. I don't know how I realized it was me!!
Great! "I'm in" I thought. I saw all the controls in my screen and started to use them, I learned how to fly, land (or fall), move back and forth, and even managed to sit somewhere.
Then, I decided I was ready to live my SL and went away. I landed in another place, saw many people around, but I didn't like that place (Some people were swearing and naked).
I was trying to get out, but I couldn't and started to see all the controls there, and found a way to look for groups. I saw Webheads - "Ah, finally, these are my people", I said. I also found Osnacantab group for this course. Unfortunatelly I couldn't get to any of those places.
Finally, I could go to another Orientation place, and I'm still there, I guess. I wanted to take a snapshot but with my avatar looking to the camara. Couldn't do it, but I will, asap.

Sorry to post so late about my first experience in my SL. I'm really excited about all this.

Well, managed to take a snapshot of my 2nd visit, looking for ISTE workshop.


Dennis said...


Thank you so very much for this invaluable description of your very first visit. I love it.More, dear friends, more such accounts.

Have you discovered that the quickest way to get home is to press FILE (Top, left) and then QUIT, at the bottom....
I'll be back.

Dennis said...

Sorry, real life, breakfast, intervened.
As far as photos and lighting are concerned, don't forget that you can change the general lighting by going to:

World (Top, 4 from the left)
Environment settings (at the bottom,
choice between Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, Midnight.

I hope we'll be hearing further of your adventures in Second Life. And remember, you cannot get hurt there.

Nahir said...

Thanks Dennis.

I spent a few hours there, going to different places. I'll let everybody know. Still have to learn how to deal with all those controls though.
It was nice!! I visited your place.

Keep you posted.