Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 1 In search of Second Life

I was contacted a couple of times by two people with different problems. I checked up on PC Specifications and created a new page on this topic in the wiki. It's a strange feeling because I've no idea what, if anything, is happening. Carla put a Flickr map for us on the blog.

I've really written this short entry so that there is something for others to comment on, otherwise it might be difficult to get into the blog.


Wendy said...

Sitting waiting in Las Vegas ... looking forward to learning how to use Second Life ... W:)

btw why are some unknown visitor/anonymous .. that's kinda creepy

Dennis said...

Wendy. How are you aware of these unknown, anonymous visitors? I'd shut things off, but don't like to exclude potential visits from members of our sponsoring (as it were) list: Learning with computers. But nothing is set in stone, to coin an expression. Settings can be changed.

What do you think, members of the course?