Sunday, December 14, 2008

A SL tour

Looking for a nice spot to take my photo I decided to search in HotSpots and found the Red Square, Moscow. It was snowing and couldn't see many people around. Many signs in Russian and some in English. Nice place with a mall, I have to go again...

As I noticed I could search for places, I decided to look for one I like so much, London, and found Chelsea.

I couldn't help going there.......

And do something few people have done, fly up to the top of Big Ben and take a picture of yourself there ;-D I was really happy!!!!

Walking around I saw a few people and decided to enter to the place, a dance club (Sorry, I didn't copy the name) There was this couple dancing.... which is a challenge to do alone in SL, and they were dancing together!!!! a tango, I think, because of their movements...Amazing!!!

Then I saw sb dancing on his own and felt like dancing too. They told me how to do it and here is the evidence !!!!

Thanks, Dennis, for the opportunity. I'm getting the chance to become acquainted with the tools before thinking of pedagogical purposes.

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Dennis said...


Thanks so much for that. A lovely photo report of Moscow and London.
I think getting to know SL well is a good basis for later thinking hard about its possible educational uses.