Monday, December 15, 2008

An exercise in taking photos of an avatar looking at the camera

This is my attempt to take a photo of myself facing the camera.

1. I walked away from my large photo and tree and then back towards the photo in an attempt to position myself. I was looking at the photo and the back of my head was facing the camera.
2. I used the camera controls to spin me round until I was looking into the camera.
2. I used the + - of the camera controls for the camera to get in closer.
4. Result: Osnacantab with Dennis Newson in the background - and a Xmas tree to the right.

Where the avatar stands is critical. What you can practice is positioning the avatar so that WHEN you spin it round, it is roughly where you wanted it to be in relation to the background.

(Isn't this much more fun than grammar?)

Dennis looks after Osnacantab

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Nahir said...

It's indeed,piece of cake!!

Easy instructions to follow.