Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 of us met in SL 7 December 2008

Five of us met last night in SL. We stayed in my villa and moved slowly through it until we got to the veranda. There was a buffalo in the small, sitting room.


Present were: Helen, Mary Jane, Chris, Ingrid. Nahir


Helen said...

I was there too - i made it to the balcony - quite a feat considering how slowly I move !
aka Juniper

Mary Jane said...

I forgot to ask how you ended up owning a buffalo.
Mary Jane aka emjay

Tales From Around The World said...

Awesome! Congratulations to all! You will inspire more of us to success in the next go-rounds!


Christo said...

That was a nice evening - being with other people in SL makes a big difference

Chris aka Tigran

Nahir said...

Thanks Dennis for the opportunity to make friends with people we already know from our group.

It was so nice, and I was so impressed to see how avatars moved parts of their bodies when they were sitting. And all that dancing!!!

Everything is new! :-D
aka Nahiram

Helen said...

Hi Nahir
I know just what you mean about moving whilst talking - all that leg crossing and moving hands while talking - how do they do it ?!!
I did try right clicking but couldn't find any instant answers - does a list of actions exist : "scratch nose , move hands , cross uncross legs, nod head in intelligent fashion " any ideas anyone ?
For the moment listening and typing seems quite a big task !
aka juniper

Dennis said...


It interests me to read you enjoyed getting to know/becoming friendly with other students/learners in the group. This is just what my students in Germany used to say, that they enjoyed the opportunity courses gave for getting to know other students.

Dennis said...


I did not notice you were slow. Good that you were there.

Dennis said...

Mary Jane,

I've got a box of animals next to the settee. I just pull them out of my inventory and 'rez' them - realise them.

Dennis said...

Actually, Nahir,Helen,
All those movements are produced by scripting. Often they are in the seats - anyway, external to the avata. So, no, Helen you cannot right click and put your tongue out - well not with anything we've got at the moment.
Scripts can look fairl simple, even if you not undeerstand them. Here is part of the script of my mini transporter.

default {
state_entry() {
llSetText("Teleport upstairs", <1,1,1>, 1); // hovertext
vector target = <167, 244,28 >; // destination coordinates
rotation my_rot=llGetRot();
llSitTarget((target - llGetPos()) / my_rot,ZERO_ROTATION / my_rot);
llSetSitText("Telepor"); // pie menu text