Monday, December 8, 2008

ISTE workshop

Last Saturday I went to the ISTE workshop, but before that I decided to go and see the place. I sat for a while to enjoy the beautiful landscape, and relax with all that peace.

Then, back to RL and back again to the workshop. At the reception desk somebody received me and gave me a card which I used to get to the site ( Great relief, I thought I would have to fly and walk to get to the right place -no use to ask, I've found few people wandering in the places I've been to)
I got to the worshop site, and as it had already started I decided to remain in the back - I didn't know the ettiquete for behaving there either. I was walking and couldn't see anything. Two reasons: it was full of people looking at the stage from floating seats, and the tags avatars usually carry over their heads with titles and names. Well, as I couldn't see I decided to float-fly and see from there. Then my RL phone rang and had to get it, a friend of mine wanting to talk, and I wanted to be in my SL... when I got back everthing had finished and people had gone.

Andrearookie was there and offered to take me to the place everybody was, we flew and walked.

There I was practicing how to create a bookcase and puff!!! My connection got lost, and was kicked out of SL.
So, still have to create that object, but I know it is in my inventory, somebody sent it there.

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Dennis said...

A great account. Thanks so much. To an outsider with no knowledge of SL it would sound very strange indeed. Good that one or two of you are exploring ISTE, I think they are great.

You can make bookcases? A very useful skill.