Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Made it to ISTE

Feeling very pleased with myself tonight !!
I used my landmarks and teleported from the Sistine chapel ( quite a lonely visit - even though it is very impressive ) to ISTE.
Managed to look around and check out various notice boards. I met two nice members who were busy trying to set up their microphones - to no avail. One of them had to log off and reconfigure the microphone ( A taste of things to come !) .

I tried to use the laptops but they were members only.
I also met a fellow teacher from Norway and we discussed SL and teaching - she was also a teacher of teens and unable to use SL in school. She suggested I join ISTE and gave me cards and info to do so. So all in all I felt pleased about meeting people and discussing work issues - I even managed to add her to my friends list.
One member then shuffled across and made remarks about us all cuddling up next to the fire ....... time to go back to RL for some more marking !!!!
Bye for now
aka Juniper

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Dennis said...

Great - and thanks for writing.