Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aha - free to blog at last!

Just a quick note to say that I went to the Rearch Group at Monash University earlier.

I flew around for a while looking here and there, but decided that the crowd on the ground had to be where it was at. The talk sounded interesting but went a bit above my head, well nearly all of it did as soon as I landed ;-)

I'm always interested in presentation modes, and here they had the main speaker using voice, whilst the audience were able to type in requests and such like. Unfortunately the sound quality was distorting a lot - after suggestions from the crowd, it improved slightly, but it was still a problem. Shame.

One thing I've started doing on and off, is to click on an avatar to bring up the grey circle of options, and then click on 'profile' so that I can scroll through their group memberships. By clicking on a likely sounding group, a new card pops up with a little bit of info about the group. There is usually an option to join up too.

It feels a bit nosey, but it's kind of a short cut to finding out interesting groups, and so I think it's ok.


Helen said...

That sounds interesting about right clicking on profiles to join groups - Should we work on the supposition that if you can do it then it's polite ? or are there some "rules of etiquette" somewhere ?
aka juniper

Christo said...

Hi Helen,

I agree with the idea of 'publicly accessible information = ok to access it'.

'Debrett's for SL' - coming soon ;-)