Wednesday, December 10, 2008

first time on Second Life

Hi all,

Before going on SL for the first time, my feelings could be summed up as:

1. Too much to learn - it'll be too slow - I don't have enough time;

2. I'm not alone, there's the intro2sl wiki, group & blog;

3. Ten years ago, I felt the same way about computers, but have developed strategies for dealing with problems and am able to (mostly) enjoy working within the seemingly perpetual learning curve and continual change.

After going on SL on and off for a couple of weeks, a fair assessment of my reaction is:

1. To make any sense, SL has to be used to communicate with others;

2. Go in with an agenda and/or with other people - thank goodness for Dennis and participants here;

3. I'm really excited & inspired by the (education) potential - how soon can I start using SL for teaching? - a sharing approach is essential.


p.s. Coming soon - a before and after avatar expression

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Helen said...

I agree absolutely here - wandering around on my own in SL has no lasting appeal for the moment (even though I'm amazed by the whole thing ).
On the other hand - joining groups and talking to people in these "education areas" has created a real brainstorm for me !!
Lots of questions too - which is exciting !
aka juniper