Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photo time !!

Well here we go - a photo taken on Boracy ( I'd just managed to get rid of a vile gamer-belt after advice from a passer by who thought I was a plumber !)
I pressed Ctrl/ALt and then fiddled around for ages to get face to face - there must be an easier way Dennis !!
come on who's next ?

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Dennis said...


Great to read this.
Ctrl + Alt? Ah -
a key combination freak. I stick to the descriptions, I confess, !Take snapshot' etc.
I searched for Ctrl+Alt and could not find it. What were you trying to do? When I use it, I get a hand apparently trying to hand over a card or envelope.

Could it be you were trying to hand over a visiting card?

(Quoting from SLED)

Step 1: Giving someone your Calling Card

To give someone your calling card, they need to be located nearby. R-click (Cmd-click) on them. A pie menu will appear. Choose More. In the second pie menu that appears, choose Give Card. The other avatar will see a window with an option to Accept or Decline your offer. If accepted, then your calling card will be added to their Inventory. Try this now: Give your calling card to someone nearby. (If you are alone, find someone!) Ask someone to give you their calling card. (You may need to tell them how!)

Sounds groovy. Get someone sufficiently close to be able to click on them.