Friday, December 12, 2008

My SL Picture

Dear colleages,
Like I have told you on my intro I have been an SL member for more than a year. However, there were lots of things I did not know how to do that I have learned in this course. For example, I did not know how to walk around some environments and now I can do it easily. I like to explore Second Life`s multitude of environments. I go on the search tab click on "Nature" for example and teleport myself to a paradisiac island. It is great. At this point I am not trying to interact with anyone. I am just strolling around these wonderful environments.
Today I finally found the camera controls and took this photo of me in SL
BTW, my avatar is Paul Kurosawa.



Dennis said...


Lovely to read your account. I was fascinated to learn that you can search for such general terms as
Nature- That's a very good idea.

Bloggy SL hugs


joseantonio said...

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for your comment. yes, we can search for general terms. I visited places in Rome and went to a beach in Brazil.