Sunday, December 14, 2008

And this is me

The place in the photos unfortunately doesn't exist any more. It was called Virtual Starry Night and it was a Van Gogh museum in Second Life. It was unbelievable - you could actually walk into the paintings! I don't know what has happened to it, it has just disappeared.
Anyway, this is how I took these pictures: I right-clicked on my avatar,chose Change Avatar Appearance and then when the avatar turned around I took my photo. So, I cheated. You need to try several times because it is very hard to get the right angle. There must be an easier way.


Dennis said...


Great to hear from you. It's TERRIBLE news you bring us, though - that the Van Gogh museum exists no more. It was once of my favourite sites.
Believe me, I've every sympathy for your business. Be with us as much as you can, and if that is no time - that is still OK. This tutorial is utterly voluntary. As for self-potraits... Let me have a go. But to do that I'll have to create a new message, not a comment.

Nahir said...

Hi Natasa,

I likke the dress you were wearing....It's nice.


Natasa said...

Dennis, I am not sure whether the museum is gone for ever or just temporarily. When I try to go there, it says "Unable to find teleport destination. The destination may be temporarily unavaliable or no longer exists. Please try again in a few minutes." And I have tried, many times. I hope it is just temporary, though I remember reading in the Webheads list that it no longer exists.
Nahir, I like the dress too. I wear it a lot. In fact, all the time. Maybe I should get some more clothes.

Dennis said...


I looked a few times for the museum, but no luck. It might be being rebuilt, to be optimistic, or perhaps it has just gone..... That's life, second or real.