Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Avatar found naked

Hi there ... just a quickie ... when I found my avatar she was completely naked ... a kind Swiss lady helped me to dress (and shared clothes and sex sites!!!) ... W:)


Dennis said...


Strange this DO happen in 2L. Once, when I started a session, I had turned into a woman!! Recently I used a small teleporting machine somone had given me, clicked and ended up in an unknown place WITH HALF OF MY HOUSE.
And then there was the parrot. I was trying to put the parrot on my shoulder, it dropped off and I accidentally trod on it. It died! I have it in my SL villa to prove my story.

Wendy said...

I'm at the pub ... but can't hear the music ... everyone is dancing and I can't seem to either hear the music or be able to dance, altho I can see lots of balls on the ground ... I can only hear the pub cat ....

Maryanne said...

I think that if you click on the revolving, shiny green globe over the bar, you will start dancing. To hear the music, you click the music note in the toolbar on the bottom of your screen. Good luck.
Maryanne/Anciana Twine

Dennis said...

Someone was asking about ISTE and now I cannot find the right blog. So I'll post this in all of them! ISTE, who have a noticeable presence on SL running courses - like the one later this morning called: Basic Building. And they have a lovely site. Go to:

Oh, and the letters stand for:International Society for Technology in Education. Do visit their site.