Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow in Second Life

This is my favourite photo of the ones I've taken in Second Life. It was taken last week at the SLexperiments group regular meeting.

Here are two photographs of the meeting with the weather settled down.

I'm personally convinced that SL is particularly suited to conferences and small meetings - like this weekly meeting of slexperiments.


Deirdre said...

Love the picture of snow in SL. Can I use it?

Wendy said...

how do I upload snapshots? I took 1 of each of my avatars at your house just so I'd believe they were real!

LOVEthe snow btw .. W:)

Dennis said...

Deirdre - do use it. I suppose, depending on the circumstances, you could just mention my name. But I'll be employing no solicitors. Promise.
Wendy. You need to be on the writers'/authors'page (See link on the wiki and then..... I think I'd better put a description on the wiki. I for one, though, am dying to see your alter egos.

Dennis said...

Someone was asking about ISTE and now I cannot find the right blog. So I'll post this in all of them! ISTE, who have a noticeable presence on SL running courses - like the one later this morning called: Basic Building. And they have a lovely site. Go to:

Oh, and the letters stand for:International Society for Technology in Education. Do visit their site.

joseantonio said...

jut lovbed the pictures Dennis. I will try to make it for our meeting this Saturday and learn a little with you.


Mary Jane said...

The ISTE site can be linked to off of the first page of pbwiki under recommended sites.