Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In a balloon with an unknown blond-haired woman

I was working away at my desk when I received a message saying that Phoebe Puddlegum
was sitting on one of the beanbags in my property in Second Life.

I got there as quickly as possible and found this, frankly, rather tarty woman slouched in front of my "Girl with Peaches' by Serov. I'd never seen her in my life.

I acted politely, though,because I gathered Phoebe had some connection with TEFL.

After showing her round my place I took her to see Nik Peachey's house, just two or three away from mine.

After a while "Time to fly", I thought, and we flew off towards Gavin Dudeney's. And I lost her. I flew around and looked and called, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, she turned up and as we chatted she decided to do something about her appearance. (She turned away from me and stretched out her arms and legs. Odd). She got her old hair off (Detach) but could not get anything on in its place.

But with a lot of covering talk from me she emerged with blond hair and looked altogether more comely. I spent a lot of time getting her on my "Friends" list- (A technical arrangement, no emotion involved)- and we wondered where to go off to. I suggested the SL Boracay Island and we went there and had a balloon ride. It was a bit tricky getting her back to my place because I kept getting the Boracay SLURL instead of my own in EduNation. In the end, we managed just in time. My wife had been out for the evening and I'm not sure how she would have reacted if she'd found me in a balloon with an unknown blond-haired woman.

As we were taking our fond farewells, I noticed a young fellow standing under a tree and walking backwards and forwards between the bridge and my villa. When Phoebe had left, he returned and I thought: "Now I'm going to be mugged, but it won't hurt because this is SL and you are not you you are just a set of files called Osnacantab Nesterov.

"Hi", I said and it turned out that the young lad was a very friendly Tigran Tiponi, if I got that right, whose parents prefer to call him Chris.

[The timing on this blog is on the blink. It is actually, my time, 23:38 ]


Maryanne said...

Pretty risky flying off with new friends!
BTW what are the "coordinates" for Nik Peachey and Gavin Dudeney's places?

Dennis said...

Actually the blond woman and I know each other quite well, but it was the first time we were in a balloon together.
Nik puts his coordinates in his signature, so it is clarly OK for me to pass them on:



Thanks for writing.

Helen said...

Hi Dennis
I'm afraid that I walked into your house uninvited ! The place was empty apart from a parrot that seemed to be stuck on the wall and a bike in the living room. It certainly looked very tidy ! What is SL etiquette though ? Can you just walk into houses and look around ? I tried to sign the guestbook and failed totally !
aka - juniper pralou
PS is the best place to leave comments on the blog or on the list ? ?

Wendy said...

lol ... well as Dennis knows the blondie was me .. well one of my avatars :) btw I've got 3 and I left them all sat on Dennis' beanbags but when I went back today, Cordelia was down the pub and has learnt how to salsa ... Hetty has been doing some retail therapy and has bought a whole new wardrobe ... and I'm just about to find out what Hetty has been up to ... I thougth they stayed where you left them .. anyway if anyone sees them pls let me know ... I'm curious to see if you can see all 3 of them together at Dennis' ... I'm off to round them up ... W:)

Wendy said...

oops the 3rd one is called Phoebe ...

Dennis said...

Helen, It is odd being able to wander around people's properties here, isn't it? Wendy and I went into Nik's bedroom, for example. But there has started to be vandalism and some people are putting up electronic (invisible) barriers which you cannot cross. That reminds me uncomfortably of South Africa.
In the case of my villa, and for this course, it is my intention that people look in and look around. Pity about the guest book but it is a little temperamental.
As for where to write remarks - it depends a little bit on the nature of the remarks. Here is fine for what you wrote. If you want to make quite sure everyone reads what you write, then the Yahoo list is better. I can imagine some people do not get here.Which is a pity.

Dennis said...

Someone was asking about ISTE and now I cannot find the right blog. So I'll post this in all of them! ISTE, who have a noticeable presence on SL running courses - like the one later this morning called: Basic Building. And they have a lovely site. Go to:

Oh, and the letters stand for:International Society for Technology in Education. Do visit their site.